Phayakorn Kalyaprasit (Boon)

Head Instructor

Phayakorn Kalyaprasit, known affectioniately as Boon is the owner and head instructor of Muay Thai Temple. Boon arrived in Australia in 1998 where he lived in Wollongong, and it was then he began passing on Chalong’s teaching to his own students. Boon’s tuition brings together his uniquely nuanced experiences, and his hard-earned understanding that both mind and body must be exercised harmoniously in the learning and practice of Muay Thai. Boon teaches an informal, but above all authentic form of Muay Thai – one that he hopes to preserve by passing it on to his students at the Muay Thai Temple.


P’Joe is our main pad holder and class teacher at the gym, you will rarely see him without his Fairtex pads since we all love kicking and punching him…just kidding P’Joe! 😉 Joe grew up in both the Isan region of Thailand as well as Chiang Mai (North and North East).  He has a passion for the sport and passing his knowledge onto others.  Joe has trained all over Thailand and regularly returns to Thailand to train Muay Thai as well as completing a course in Pad Holding.

Joe is passionate about all things Muay Thai and has vast experience in all aspects of training, whether its small groups, classes and one on one.  However he is our main fight trainer and corner man.

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